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Are you looking for the best wheel alignment service in Apopka? Look no further than Freedom Tire & Automotive.

With over 50 years of combined experience and a commitment to quality, we can guarantee that your wheels will be perfectly aligned.

Our experienced team will use state-of-the-art technology to ensure your vehicle runs safely and efficiently on Florida roads. 

What Is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment is the process of adjusting the wheels and suspension of your vehicle so that all four tires are pointing in the same direction. This helps to ensure that your car drives straight and is less likely to drift or pull to one side when driving. A wheel alignment also helps reduce wear on your tires by ensuring they are evenly balanced and providing a smoother ride. 

Why Should I Get My Wheels Aligned?

Having your wheels aligned regularly is essential for optimal performance and safety while driving in Florida. When your wheels are misaligned, it can cause premature tire wear, poor fuel efficiency, and unsafe vehicle handling. Regular wheel alignments also help keep you safe on roads by preventing drifting or pulling – which can lead to dangerous situations if not corrected quickly. 

Benefits Of Choosing Freedom Tire & Automotive

At Freedom Tire & Automotive, our experienced team uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure that all four wheels are aligned correctly so you can drive confidently, knowing that your vehicle is running safely and efficiently on Florida roads. We offer competitive prices for our services and discounts for veterans and seniors who need wheel alignment services. 

Whether you’re looking for a standard wheel alignment or an advanced four-wheel computerized alignment system, trust Freedom Tire & Automotive for all your needs! With over 50 years of combined experience in the tire and automotive industry, we have the expertise needed to make sure your vehicle’s wheels are correctly aligned so you can drive safely on Florida roads. Contact us today to learn more about our wheel alignment services – we look forward to serving you!

If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with our service, please give us a call so we can make it right. Trust the Freedom Tire & Automotive technicians to take care of your vehicle’s wheel alignment needs. Please book your appointment today or give us a call.

Wheel Alignments for Dually and Heavy Duty Trucks

Wheel Alignments for Dually and Heavy Duty Trucks
At Freedom Tire & Automotive, we understand the unique demands that dually and heavy-duty trucks place on wheel alignment services. These workhorses of the road require precise alignment to ensure optimal performance, fuel efficiency, and tire longevity. 

Our state-of-the-art alignment technology is perfectly suited to meet these demands, providing accurate and reliable service for all makes and models of dually and heavy-duty trucks.

Our experienced technicians are trained to handle the complexities of aligning heavy-duty trucks, considering factors like load distribution and the specific alignment needs of dual rear wheel setups. 

We ensure your vehicle is aligned to manufacturer specifications, optimizing handling and stability, whether you’re hauling heavy loads or navigating the open road. 

Trust Freedom Tire & Automotive to keep your heavy-duty truck running straight and true, maximizing your uptime and productivity.

Wheel Alignments for Lifted Trucks, Lowered Vehicles, and Other Custom Suspensions

Wheel Alignments for Lifted Trucks Lowered Vehicles and Other Custom Suspensions

Custom vehicles require custom solutions. At Freedom Tire & Automotive, we specialize in wheel alignment services for lifted trucks, lowered vehicles, and cars with custom suspensions.

Our team has the expertise and equipment necessary to adjust the alignment of your custom vehicle, ensuring it performs as intended and maintains tire longevity.

Whether your vehicle is lifted for off-road superiority, lowered for that sleek, street-ready look, or modified for performance, proper alignment is crucial.

Our technicians take into account the unique geometry of custom suspensions, ensuring that your vehicle not only looks great but also drives perfectly.

We adjust camber, caster, and toe angles to suit your custom setup, enhancing your vehicle’s handling, safety, and overall driving experience.

Let Freedom Tire & Automotive be your go-to destination for maintaining the performance and aesthetics of your custom vehicle.

Our commitment to quality workmanship and customer service ensures that every vehicle, no matter how customized, receives the attention and expertise it deserves.


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